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Petrol In Diesel


it's far harder to put diesel in a petrol car than it is to put petrol in a diesel car, but both can possibly harm your car engine If you have made this mistake, simply make a call for our Wrong Fuel emergency service, and we will assist you in cleaning up your fuel tank ASAP. Call Us! And we will flush your tank effectively.

What if i put Petrol in a Diesel Car?

Petrol in Diesel is a common mistake. It’s a kind of accident which can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. This is unfortunate, as petrol can have a worse effect on a diesel engine than Diesel has on petrol. It can cause damage in some of your engine parts if not managed properly. The risk also depends on how much quantity has you put in your car. If you put a small amount of petrol in Diesel car, there may be fewer damages to your engine. If the quantity is more, the chances of engine damage are increased.

The main issue is that diesel fuel itself is used to lubricate certain essential parts of the car, and that petrol has none of the lubricating qualities necessary to keep components like the fuel pump happy. Petrol and Diesel generally mix together (rather than one fuel floating on top), so once the car starts drawing liquid from the tank, it’s already a problematic cocktail. This cocktail can be really dangerous if you keep using your car. The seals in a diesel fuel system can be damaged by the petrol solvent. If petrol in a diesel car is removed ASAP, then generally it won’t be a major issue. We recommend you to find a drain specialist for safe removal.


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Petrol in Diesel Car Symptoms

Petrol in Diesel Car Symptoms

If you found any of the above symptoms of petrol in diesel engine damage while driving. Stop your car and call for fuel drain service like WRONG FUEL MASTER immediately. We will come and safely remove the contaminated fuel from your car, and you will be back on the road after a short interval.


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